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    How do I view responses to my submited request

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    Ok after multiple attempts I finally got the reset password link, and changed......
    I really thought my user name was: SallyRNRRT
    My email is:

    I still get error msg, when I try signing in
    Help, I miss not being active, after all I have been a member since 2008-09

    Thank you
    Sally Carter, RN

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    audra toth

    i am trying to post comments on line but i get error messages such as "this page is missing"! when i can read the page! what is wrong?

  • Avatar
    heathernurse - for Nurses / Nursing Students

    I need to go back to page where URL and Avatar to complete and go forward. I am going no where fast is this such a hard thing to do?

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    I know my user ID, my email and my password. I still can't log in. System not accepting it. Not the first time I have had this problem. Very disappointing.

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    It seems that I show up as signed in when in "zendesk" mode, but not on allnurses. :(

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    Audrey Jordan

    How do I reach tech support? I have tried at least 6 times to post a comment and I keep getting told the site is not responding. It also does NOT auto-save what I've already typed. This has been going on for at least the past 18 hours!!!!

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